Online Racebook Reviews

Online Racebook Reviews

Whether you've been betting on horses for 30+ years or are just dipping your toe in the waters for the first time, you need to trust your bookie. There's a HUGE difference between a good online racebook and bad one, and that's why we specialize first and foremost in quality, independent racebook reviews. So read on, choose wisely and bet smart!

Independent reviews you can trust...

Don't take this decision lightly, after all, it's your money you care about, right? Take the time to read through our racebook reviews now and enjoy peace of mind later. Believe us, the front-end time investment is well worth it.

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The importance of choosing a GOOD racebook

These days, it's easy to make an online business look really slick and reliable on the outside, even if there isn't really much substance behind it. Take the online betting, or horse wagering industry, for example. There are handfulls of sites out there which appear to be stand-up operations, but scratch beneath the surface and you might find an organization with a reputation for crummy customer support, payout timeframes, and less-than-ethical terms and conditions, which make it difficult to withdraw funds. Choosing a GOOD racebook, is your first line of defense in avoiding a frustrating situation where you find yourself at the mercy of an incompetent customer service team.

The most important characteristic of an online betting site...

Cutomer Support is by far the most important characteristic of an online betting site. Our racebook reviews stress a no-holds-barred inspection of each and every aspect of a racebook's client services department. We feel that a racebook's attention to customer service is the fail-proof litmus test for how well the entire organization's operations are managed. We've been doing this since 2002, so you can trust us on this one.

The myth of the sign-up bonus

Well, there are two myths to sign up bonuses; 1) that getting a bonus means you're never going to be able to withdraw it, or hold it in your hands 2) that your bonus cash doesn't give you an edge or advantage over the house. Our online racebook reviews make a point of examining each and every one of a racebook's bonus offers, loyalty schemes, and or promotions, as any quality independent review should.

The truth is that, while bonuses aren't free, they do give you an edge over the house. It's more money you can use to place winning bets. Assuming you're a savvy bettor, and are an experienced handicapper, those extra bankroll bonus funds can do a lot for your profit margin. So before you are wooed by one bonus offer because of its seeming generosity, do yourself a favour and read up on it in our racebook reviews. Our only objective is to point you in the right direction, and to help you make an educated decision.