Racebook Bonus Offers

Racebook Bonus Offers

Yup, we know. You were all ready to open an account with the racebook of your choosing, and then you thought of the BONUS! "Wait a minute, is this bonus offer even good? Should I be shopping for better, more valuable racebook bonus offers?" The answer is YES. And if we've done our job right, you'll have no problem finding a perfect bonus!

Get a bonus, boost a bankroll, place a bet!

There's nothing quite like a deposit bonus to amplify the devil on your shoulder's tireless refrain; "again! again! again!" We like free stuff too but quality over quantity should always be rule #1. Here are our favourite bonus offers.

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What makes a bonus good, vs a bad one?

In short, a bonus' value is determined by how lkely your chances are of ever seeing that cash in your hand. Generally, every bonus dollar you'll ever be offered comes attached with wagering requirements or rollover requirements. These usually stipulates a minimum number of times that this bonus amount and / or the deposit used to obtain the bonus, must be wagered, or rolled over. And, in some cases, that wagering requirement changes depending on what it is being wagered on. So, to resume, a good bonus is one that comes with reasonable wagering requirements, while a bad one is basically tied to an egregious rollover requirement.

What exactly are rebates?

In layman's terms, these are rebates on your lost wagers. It's quite common for racebook bonuses to include some sort of rebate offer, and this is only fair given that the odds are overwhelmingly leaning in the house's favour. So rebates are a book's way of saying "ouch, that's a lot of lost bets! here's a little sign of our appreciation for your business, in the form of some of your losses, back in your account for you to bet with again." Again, a racebook's generosity with rebates says alot about their general business philosophy.