How to Bet Jockey And Trainer Angles

How to Bet Jockey And Trainer Angles

Finding and Betting "Hot" Jockey and Trainer Combos

The human element in horse racing cannot be overstated. In most racing circuits, from the elite tracks to the obscure, the same trainers and jockeys tend to dominate the standings, racking up wins and dominating their lesser skilled or lesser equipped counterparts. The abbreviation "J/T" can be found in most racing forms and track programs, informing the public of the trainer and jockeys winning percentage when working together. Of course, there is much more behind the sheer numbers. 

Finding Hot Jockeys in Horse Racing

Anyone handicapping Saratoga regularly in recent years, knows that trainers Todd Pletcher and Chad Brown are ready to strut their stuff at the nation's premier race meeting. Pletcher particularly excels with two year-old runners, while Brown is the king of turf racing. Not surprisingly, the stock these two men have in their barns usually draws the attention of top jockeys. For this reason, top pilots like Javier Castellano and John Velazquez regular team up with Pletcher and Brown with the tandems often finding the winner's circle. While many of these runners go to post at short prices, they can seldom be ignored by the wagering public looking to make a buck. Similarly, Churchill Downs regulars know the power of trainer Mike Maker when he is teamed with jockey Julien Leparoux. A key angle for astute bettors is to pick up on lesser-known, but highly effective jockey/trainer combos in order to exploit value. This kind of knowledge comes from following the numbers and observing closely. 

Finding Hot Trainers in Horse Racing

Prior to jockey Calvin Borel's string of Kentucky Derby wins (3 from 2007-2010), Churchill Downs bettors might have picked up on the lesser known pilot's success when teaming with his brother, trainer Cecil Borel. The two often appeared in cheaper claiming races, but won at a high percentage and often escaped the notice of the betting public. Another trend for bettors to be aware of is following the "hot jockey" or trainer. Just as athletes and organizations experience in other sports, trainers and jockeys often go through hot and cold streaks. The reasons for this can vary, but with jockeys, confidence and the quality of his mounts are often at the root. A jockey brimming with confidence, for example, can suddenly seem to start winning races in bunches - even on inferior mounts. Perhaps the horses start to feel the positive vibes, or the jockey is just making keener split-second decisions during the running of the race, but the results are powerful and real. Similarly, "hot trainers" can also rack up wins within a few days or weeks of the race meeting. The reason for this is probably more readily explainable, as trainers often pinpoint certain races, meetings and purses to pursue with great ghusto. Thus, they have their stock in prime shape, or peaking at certain times. Players following the game closely can do well simply by observing the trends.


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